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Outstanding Container Swimming Pools In Dubai

When it comes to a shift towards environment-friendly ways of making your yard more enjoyable—nothing compares to a shipping container swimming pool. Swim Box is a leading manufacturer of shipping container swimming pools in UAE, catering to the shift towards eco-friendly pool installations.

Container Swimming Pools

If you need a pool without the cost, time, and maintenance efforts of a traditional in-ground swimming pool, we are your experts. Container pools are not only easy to install, but also eliminate the need for stone and concrete work. Our pools feature recycled steel and energy-saving construction techniques, thus making these a pleasant and ethical addition to your space!

You can rely on us to provide you with quality customized shipping container pool. Approved in dealing shipping containers in Dubai, we match the highest standard of container pools.

How to get your Swim Box?

There are three simple steps to order a Swim Box swimming container pool.


Place an order and let us know what you need: width, length, height, and other specifications such as insulation and aesthetic customizations. We have a minimum and maximum limit concerning pool sizes, but you can discuss your preferences with our support services. We strive to exceed customer expectations!


We build high-quality container pools, exactly according to your specifications. Our team hand-picks and inspects the base material, crafts these into the given dimensions, adds any extra features, and conducts final checks for strength and weather-protection. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround from building container pools for all orders.


Once ready, our experts will deliver the shipping container pool to your location and install it completely—ready to use! For traditional pools or container pools that you want sunk into the ground, we need to prepare the area before installing the pool. We offer services for building retainer walls for both container and traditional pools.

Why Consider Swim Box?

There are endless numbers of features included in a Swim Box.

Quick Installation

Above-ground shipping container swimming pools come ready for your space! Within a day, we will set up, inspect, and test your pool.

Highly Durable

Crafted out of premium-quality metal and other materials, perfected by industry experts, our pools sit strong for years and years!

Easy Portability

With Swim Box, you can change your mind if you don’t like its first placement! We use specialized cranes to easily move your container pool.

Weather Proof

Strong epoxy coating inside and outside and our special additions to your pool make it hard-wearing against rust and other exposure effects.

Custom Built

Need to match the size and style of your pool according to your yard? We’ll build your bespoke container pool—reach out to us!

Fun & Delightful

Less time and cost to install, easier to maintain than traditional pools, and just as enjoyable—container swimming pools are a must-have!

Products We Offer

We can create custom pools for you, complete with a focus on affordability to help you meet your swimming pool container price. We will follow the width, length, depth, and any other specifications you provide. Swim Box is your very own personalized pool, crafted by experts who pay attention to details to ensure your safety and joy!

In addition to cargo container swimming pools, we also offer a variety of other pools. Take a look below and let us know what kind of pool you need—and we’ll have our specialist get on to your project in no time!

Services We Offer

Building custom pools is not all we do! We also provide services for the upgrade, maintenance, and repair of all kinds of swimming pools—with all container swimming pool costs reasonable. Best of all, if you need a Swim Box on rent, you’ve got it!

Frequently Asked Questions

A shipping container pool can last for more than 20 years. The base material is well-enduring, providing you with the fun of a regular swimming pool for years and years!

We use special-strength epoxy paint for both inside and outside the pool. This hard-wearing coating keeps the container pool safe from rust and other environmental effects.

The standard smallest size of the Swim Box container pool is 6 by 2.5 meters. For special orders, please contact our customer service to know more about dimensions and shipping container pool cost.

No. We weather-proof your customized container pool with industry-leading products and conduct special checks on the final product before shipping.

If you prefer, yes. These pools can be set above the ground or settled into the ground, only the latter will require proper prior ground preparation for fitting the pool.

Chlorine tends to stay good in container swimming pools for four to five days. Like with any standard pool, you need to change the chlorine after this time.

According to the size of the pool itself. For sinking a container pool a retainer wall and border is necessary, which takes up little space over the pool’s top surface.

Through container insulation. We highly recommend you opt for metal shipping container pool insulation to reduce moisture in the air from affecting your pool—especially for extreme temperatures.

We have a minimum limit for shipping container pools, the largest length being 12 meters. If you want to custom-order a small pool, please inquire with our customer services for container pool cost and size.

Since a shipping container pool comes ready to install, it can be set up within a day! For underground container pools, it may take as long as a week to prepare the ground and sink the pool.

With proper preparation of the ground, yes. Container pools are suited to all kinds of landscapes, and you can modify a previous in-ground pool space to fit in a shipping container pool.

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