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Creative Ideas for Setting up Your Container Pool

10 Creative Ideas for Setting up Your Container Pool

In a world of traditional swimming pools that can be costly, as well as challenging to install in compact outdoor spaces, the introduction of container swimming pools in Dubai is one of the best things ever. However, most people feel the need to fill the gaps in terms of aesthetics and convenience when it comes to setting up container swimming pools.

Setting Up Your Container Pool – 10 Outstanding Ideas To Try

We have a few ways to place/style your container swimming pool. Remember to heed the safety aspects and visuals before you choose any of these ideas for setting up your container pool!

1. Multi-Level Deck With Pools

Not content with just one ordinary container pool? How about a couple or more? Go for a multi-level deck when setting up your container pool. You can have a large central pool on the middle tier. Use the upper deck for a hot tub. At the lower deck, add a pool for children.

This cascading style of container swimming pools makes perfect sense when a container pool is the primary aesthetic feature of your yard or garden. You can have a marvelous structure of multiple container pools that serve various purposes in one go!

2. Lush Green Landscaping

There are various benefits of container swimming pools, one of the topmost being customization. While a clean-cut, minimalist look is Dubai’s latest rage in interior and exterior home décor, adding greenery and natural elements to any space is a timeless way to style. Container pools are no exception!

Start with a selection of rocks that complement the exterior of your home, surrounding your pool with these to create an attractive terrain. Move on to all the green stuff: moss, grass, shrubs, and perhaps a tree. Invest in regular pool maintenance services to preserve the beauty of this setup.

3. Beachy Landscaping

Would you love to incorporate a natural look in the surroundings of your container pool—but with features that are more beach-inspired rather than oasis-like?

Make it happen. Add gravel and stones found on the shoresides, a collection of sea shells, beach chairs and drink coolers, and a beach umbrella. Add these and any other furnishings and decorations that remind you of fun times at the beach when setting up your container pool. Enjoy the feeling of being at the beach by the water waves or at the patio of a resort—right at home!

4. Container Pool With Waterfall

Waterfalls are usually a part of homes and workspaces that want to create an aura of luxury from the moment people enter the exterior space. A waterfall is not just an element of design in home decor but also a source of peace and tranquility.

Should you buy a shipping container pool and equip a waterfall? Imagine floating in your container pool with the calming sound of water falling gently on the pool’s surface. Even dipping your toes in the water and taking in the serenity of the waterfall is enough to turn a stressful day around!

5. Convenient Hybrid Design

Want a pool you can swim in with the sky above you when the weather is nice and closed when it is sweltering?

Enter, a sliding wall or a retractable roof—whichever is better suited to the space, and it is more budget-friendly and easier to manage. This kind of container swimming pool has its unique benefits. You don’t have to debate the location when setting up the container pool. A pool you can close can be an excellent addition during hot and humid weather.

6. Rooftop Swimming with Views

Want to take your container swimming pool up a “level’? How about placing it on the rooftop instead of the yard?

While rooftop swimming pools are not new, container pools on rooftops are less common than ground-based container pools. You’ll have a bit of effort to give, but the results are worth it. You can enjoy having a swimming pool with limited yard space, but you can take in gorgeous surrounding views.

7. Waterside Container Pool

Swimming pools that look out over the sea—amazing, right? If you own a small hospitality service or have a residential property by a large natural body of water, adding a container pool near the edge is how you create an Instagram-worthy space.

Once you decide on setting up your container pool, work with trusted container pool suppliers who can create a safe pool for use.

8. Glass Windows

If you love the idea of a container swimming pool but do not like the traditional look of shipping containers, add a large glass window on one side or both. Unique and much more enjoyable!

Call reliable pool manufacturers to get a sturdy part-container part-glass swimming pool. Glass windows in container pools are easy enough to manage if you invest in routine pool maintenance and cleaning services. Add mood lighting to create a vivid effect.

9. Exterior Mural Walls

There are many ways to set up your container pool, but only one truly “artistic” idea exists. Enhance the visual appeal of your container pool with a mural. Turn your above-ground container pool into a work of art; commission a mural on the front-facing sides of the yard or garden. Select a mural design that complements your outdoor space.

A mural is that addition to your container pool that will take its appeal up several notches. Hire an artist who uses high-quality paints and painting techniques to combat constant exposure to moisture.

10. Light It Up

Dubai is home to some of the best water features that have fantastic lighting. Get inspired and bring the ideas home to add color to your container pool.

Multi-colored LED lighting is a superb way to enhance the visual appeal of your pool if you intend to use it at nighttime—or want a great-looking pool near your BBQ parties (read Top 10 Swimming Pool Equipment Every Pool Owner Should Have). Add LED lights in colors that complement your home’s exterior space. You can also add remote-controlled color-changing lights for adjusting outdoor ambiance as per your mood and your party’s theme!

Order Your Container Pool At SwimBox

Now that you know these fantastic ways to set up your container pool, are you ready to shop for yours? At SwimBox, we offer customized, well-contracted container swimming pools throughout Dubai. And if you need any modifications to amplify the visual appeal of your pool, let us know, and we’ll work on it! Reach out to us today!