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5 Fun Upgrades You Can Make to Your Swimming Pool

5 Fun Upgrades You Can Make to Your Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is exciting; however, it demands changes after a while. These alterations not only keep your pool refined but offer refreshment to your mind, too. Therefore, prior to finding the swimming pool builders in Dubai, check out some of the interesting pool upgrading ideas. 

Top 5 Creative Swimming Pool Upgrades

Solar Technology

Solar technology is a trend and benefits you in various ways. It is best for reducing bills by providing quality energy. Moreover, it is clean and does not require high maintenance. All it needs is the power from sunlight. Therefore, opt for solar technology to make adequate swimming pool upgrades. 

In order to keep the pool warm, there are solar heaters and solar covers. During the daytime, they make use of energy-collecting panels. However, solar covers are suitable for keeping the temperature of the pool water moderately high at night. 

Besides, the pool pumps can run while using the energy from solar technology. This connection is usually with the household electricity. Hence, it is also apt to save the running cost. 

Install Pool Lights

Swimming pool upgrades also include installing or advancing the lighting. LED lights are much more efficient than traditional ones; therefore, consider refining the plan. Moreover, these lights provide the same amount of light; hence, you can enjoy a similar quality with lesser power consumption. Also, they are durable, saving you money and effort in the long run.

Another enticing idea is installing glow-in-the-dark glass tiles, particularly on the borders. They are perfect for improving aesthetics and providing light at night. Floating lights are entertaining as well, available in multiple colors. They look like balls and offer adequate illumination, making the pool area more enjoyable for your kids.

In case there is no lighting at all, consider this aspect for not only beauty but also safety. In this way, the swimmers can safely spend time in the water at night and can find missing objects easily under the water. 

Automated System

Next on the list of pool upgrades for your swimming pool is the installation of the automated system. Pool automation can perform different tasks, saving time and energy. For instance, there are functions like heating the water and turning the lights on. There is no need for manual control as this system is capable of running efficiently. 

It is in human nature to forget things or make mistakes. If your pool is on an automated system, it will turn off the pool heater on time or keep the lights on only when it is necessary. Even you can track the system with the help of your smartphone. Therefore, it can prove resourceful in letting you continuously monitor your swimming pool.

Also, you can reflect on this automation before you get your new swimming pool


One of the pool upgrades for your swimming pool is adding accessories. There are times when swimmers love to stay longer in the pool, such as in the summer season. Therefore, add accessories that can elevate the amusement. For instance, the adults should get the opportunity to play games in water. For this purpose, you can think about a basketball hoop.

Besides, there are floating toys for kids. Pick a colorful variety of toys so that kids can have a fun time without bothering you too much. This will keep them busy. Their excitement and the vibrancy of the colorful toys can enhance the enthusiasm of pool parties. 

Create a sitting and eating space around the pool, too. As per a source, people enjoy installing bars and grills. This is perfect for your guests’ leisure. 

Tile Cleaning

Last but not least, in the list of pool upgrades for your swimming pool is the tile cleaning job. Cleaning itself is very satisfying. You can improve the quality of water and protect the swimmers from allergies or infection. Moreover, pools are prone to debris, particularly on a windy day. Hence, the cleaning of the pool is a lot more effective from a luxury perspective, too.

With time, you will find algae buildups in your pool. There are pool brushes available to scrub the surfaces. You can find algaecides as well to control the algae. Moreover, make sure to carefully read the label before using the chemicals.

Furthermore, if cleaning is not effective and you are looking at some discoloration, then ponder on the retiling. Installing new tiles can give your pool area a fresh look. Also, you have the choice to modify the tile colors for an improved, luxurious appearance. However, keep in mind that it is a bit more costly than tile cleaning. 

Upgrading Your Pool via Swim Box UAE Services 

Whether you are opting for smaller changes or are looking for a new pool, Swim Box UAE is a reliable service provider. We help our clients in various ways, from maintaining their pools to installing container swimming pools in Dubai.

Additionally, our services are cost-effective, giving you the opportunity to relish quality at a lesser price. We are available 24/7; therefore, for upgrading your pool, you can call us anytime. Our experts will offer sincere suggestions to make the improvements and the time the task can take. Moreover, you can consult regarding any pool queries; we will happily assist you. 


It is thrilling to search for swimming pool upgrades. However, you should amass the appropriate ideas to make the changes happen effectively. First, you should think about transforming your pool into an automated system. This is seamless in doing the pool tasks and letting you have the entire control.

Moreover, solar technology is energy-efficient, perfect for saving bills via using the power from sunlight. Installing pool lights or making advancements is essential for safety and aesthetic purposes. LED lights can give quality light; however, they can save a lot of energy as compared to traditional lights. Also, add glow-in-the-dark glass tiles or globe lights.  Cleaning the tiles of your swimming pool is essential for your health. If you see algae buildups, use a pool brush for scrubbing. Moreover, you will find algaecides, which are the chemicals used to control algae.