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5 Troubling Signs You Should Replace Your Pool Pump

5 Troubling Signs You Should Replace Your Pool Pump

Do you know how to identify the signs you should replace your pool pump, or get it repaired? As a new pool owner, you may miss a pump issue and the need for pool maintenance services in Dubai. This guide is a brief lowdown on the troubles your pool pump can face. Plus, you’ll know how to accurately tell what that trouble is, so you can go for a fitting solution ASAP!

Common Signs You Need To Replace Your Pool Pump

A pool pump is more than just pool equipment. Consider this as a vital organ of your swimming pool. It draws in and purifies water before reverting it back into the pool, free of debris. To keep things running smoothly, watch out for these five signs you need a swimming pool pump repair or replacement!

Sign #1: The Mechanism Has Become Noisy

For pool pumps, like any other machinery, it is perfectly natural to make some noise. But this noise should be more along the lines of a hum or a gentle whir. Something loud that makes you want to close your ears is one of the signs you need pool pump replacement. Different types of pool pump noises point toward different issues, which include:

– A Deep Rumbling Sound

Is your pool making a rumbling sound that is dull and kind of echo-y? This can be the result of a pump motor that is vibrating too much, likely due to the pump constantly bumping against the surface of the pool. And that happens when your pump is not properly in place, parts of it coming loose.

Luckily, this does not call for any replacement—as long as you don’t put off calling pool maintenance services. In fact, go for pool maintenance services to get before summer season. Experts can find any loose parts and lodge these into place. However, if there’s already damage (you can tell this by any cracks on the pump), then you need to replace the whole thing.

– A Metallic Grinding Noise

Is your pool pump making a grinding sound, the kind you usually hear when metal ‘grinds’ against another metal? Such as noise usually points to worn-out bearings, which are now not gliding as smoothly as they should be!

Rust can get to some metallic parts of a pool pump more quickly than others, and you need to replace the bearings for your pool pump. Make sure to go for an inspection and replacement soon. Well-versed in common pool pump issues and solutions, pool technicians swap faulty bearings that overheat the motor and damage windings.

– An Unpleasant Screeching Sound

The noise that is coming from your pool pump—is it a loud screeching? The possible culprit is a worn-out pump motor, going through the last phase painstakingly. This kind of damage usually happens when there is rust due to the constant entry of water through a leak in the pump seal.

The best course of action here is to call the pros. Fixing a faulty motor is not an ideal DIY project as a replacement is crucial if you want a well-working pool pump, whether for a traditional pool or container swimming pools in Dubai. Pool equipment experts can quickly and flawlessly replace the old pump motor with a new one, and test it meticulously.

Sign #2: There Are Electrical Trips Due To The Pump

Have you been dealing with a blown circuit on the same line your pool’s pump is on? You should be sure it is not anything else tripping the electrical system. And if you are sure, there is a bigger pool pump problem—as the electrical trip is one of the signs you need pool pump replacement. It is quite easy to check if the circuit overload causing the trip is due to a pool pump.

If everything works well right up until the point you turn on the pool pump (test with a varied number of things turned on at a time), then call a pool maintenance expert. A failing motor in turn causes a dangerous surge of power, which is why your power trips.

Sign #3: The Pump Turns Off Constantly

Your pool’s pump shutting off suddenly is not normal at all. In fact, it’s most probably because the motor becomes too hot and the automatic shut-down is to let it cool. That said, a one-off incident, especially on a hot day, is fine. But a pump that constantly behaves this way is a faulty pump and one of the signs you should replace your pool pump.

Resolve this issue as soon as possible or you may face a complete pump breakdown in the near future. Pool repair and maintenance experts can accurately diagnose the problem, identifying the need for repair, motor replacement, or complete pump replacement. In case the condition of the pump component responsible for maintaining temperature worsens to a great extent, go for a replacement.

Sign #4: The Suction Power Is Gradually Dying Down

The suction power of the pool is the main force behind its ability to pull in water for purification. If the suction becomes faulty or stops working altogether, your pool will stay unclean despite the pump seemingly ‘working’. So, how to identify one of the main signs you need a swimming pool pump repair—i.e. a suction problem?

It’s relatively easy: check the pressure gauge on the filter. If the gauge display shows a pressure that’s higher by least 10 psi than the pressure you usually see, there is likely some blockage in the filter and you need to clean it. If the reading is lower than normal, the pump is clogged or has a suction leakage due to improper priming. A suction problem can be a burden on the pump’s motor, resulting in faster wear and tear.

Sign #5: The Pool Pump Is Nearing Its Decade Mark

Running with a too-old pool pump? There will be many signs you need to replace your pool pump because no amount of tinkering will make it like new. With regular maintenance, top-quality pool pumps can last up to 12 years, although a decade is more likely. However, if you do not go for maintenance often, your pool’s pump may deteriorate much sooner.

Consider investing in a pump replacement after it has been working for over five years, especially if you want to save extra costs of pool maintenance services. Modern pool pumps come with variable speeds, which means you can reduce energy consumption. In addition to optimal energy efficiency, advanced pool pumps also offer durability and are environment-friendly.

Opt For Reliable Pool Maintenance Services for Superb Pool Pump Solutions

Once there are any major signs you should replace your pool pump, don’t hesitate to contact SwimBox! While not every pump problem points to a replacement, a simple repair is also best to get promptly to avoid further damage to the machine and the subsequent unfiltered water. Our technicians are well-versed in all kinds of pool pump issues. Feel free to get in touch with us to get to the bottom of the source of your pool pump troubles and provide top-notch service!