What is a Swim Box?

Swim Boxes are self-contained swimming pool units that are versatile, portable, and easy to transport. We remodel top-of-the-line containers and turn them into portable, lightweight swimming pools. So, if you’re moving homes, you won’t incur an extra cost in setting up a new swimming pool at your new home. Your Swim Box travels with you…anywhere and everywhere! All you need is a crane and a flat deck truck, and you’re sorted. Our pools are designed as a complete unit, with decking, plumbing, and painting.
Swim Boxes can be installed above the ground, in-ground, and everywhere in-between, making them more versatile than a traditional swimming pool. Swim Boxes aren’t simply modern, but extremely practical and versatile, too. Our hot tub/pool hybrid component comes with an open-ended seating on one side of the Swim Box, with a lightweight divider wall that can be slipped in and out easily. When you heat the Swim Box, you isolate the heat to the spa area and not the entire structure, thus saving both time and money. What’s more, they require less maintenance than your conventional pools.
And, what’s a pool if it doesn’t rejuvenate you? Swim Boxes are aesthetically-designed. They come with above ground or sloped installations that give you a relaxing underwater-viewing experience! Kids as well as adults love this unique feature, making every moment that you spend in a Swim Box a memorable one.
So, be it in the chilly December winters, when you can keep your SwimBox heated and covered, or the scorching summers, when all you need is a quick dip to beat the heat…your SwimBox is perfect in every season, for every reason!

Get to know the brains behind Swim Box

Malik Naseem Akram - Founder & Director

- Malik Naseem Akram

Malik Naseem Akram is the Founder and Managing Director of Swim Box LLC, a competitive swimmer and the best swimming coach one can train under. That’s not all, he is also the General Manager and Head Coach at Blue Wave Swimming Club.

Living as an expat in Dubai and his life revolving around pools, Malik came up with the idea of manufacturing a portable pool that is cost-effective and can be built above the ground, so it doesn’t violate the underground building restrictions. Hence, Swim Box LLC came into being.

Malik Naseem Akram - Founder & Director

Our Team

Malik Naseem Akram - Founder & Director
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