Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently shipping in all emirates of UAE. We can also ship anywhere in middle east.
It’s a relatively simple installation, given that the Swim Box arrives fully built with a ready-to-go. No Hassles, No Digging. Just Place it and enjoy.
No, you do not need any approval or permission.
Landscaping preparation and Crane/fork lifting for offloading the Swim Box.
Swim Box can be heated up to 50 Degrees.

Portable, Easy to move, Hassle free installation, Trendy and Customizable, Affordable, Safe.

Contact us and book appointment.
Yes, it also depends on what kind of customization you need.
Yes, It comes with filter.
Yes, Swim Box comes with Temperature control system as per requirements
Yes, It has cooling system too.
Yes, Swim Box can be made in different depths
We handover pool with Proper Rust Proofing.
Mix Material – Steel, Fiber, etc.

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