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How to Match Your Pool Size & Shape to Your Yard

How to Match Your Pool Size & Shape to Your Yard

The primary goal of a pool is to provide relaxation. Its location and aesthetics highly matter to keep your body and mind at ease. Usually, people prefer to set up pools in the back gardens of their houses. Therefore, you have to amass some information before installation and getting pool maintenance services in Dubai. Read what is essential to match the size and shape of the pool with your yard.  

Tips to Match Your Pool Size and Shape to Your Backyard

The Yard Space

Determining the yard space is important for a perfect pool shape and size. Yards are present at the rear end of the house. Their sizes vary depending on the architecture of a house. Moreover, there are walls that surround the back gardens. 

People prefer installing pools in their yards for various reasons. For instance, they are open, which means they do not comprise roofs. The closeness to nature can enhance one’s comfort. Moreover, backyards offer privacy. They are away from the hustle and bustle. Hence, offer a peaceful environment.

Measure the size of this area. This factor depends on the pool shapes or types as well, which we will discuss later. Besides, keep in mind that you require a clean and organized look. The pool should not consume all of the yard. Spare some space for the other uses of the rear area of your beautiful house. 

The Uses of Your Pool

In order to match the pool size or shape with your yard, examine your intention. Why do you require a swimming pool? Also, think who will swim? For instance, swimmers can encompass both adults and kids. If you have little ones hoping to jump into the pool, then prioritize the safety features. 

For example, you might need space for gradual slopes. Pool fences in the yard are perfect to define pool boundary. Moreover, some people require pools for exercising. Lap pools are suitable for this matter. And keep in mind that lap pools are quite longer and narrower. Think whether you have enough space in your backyard to install this kind of pool.

If you are a party fanatic, match your pool size and shape accordingly. For pool parties, it is crucial to have space in the backyard for sitting and eating. Parties invite crowds. Hence, ponder on ideas to provide ease and recreation to your guests. Search fun pool upgrades to gather ideas. 

Pool Shapes

For a perfect pool shape, learn about the variety first. Start with the classic style, which is a rectangular pool. It is quite common and always remains a trend. This shape is easier to understand and allows you to perform different water activities. A softer and more relaxed feel is there in the shaped pool. It seems appealing and offers the comfort anyone demands from swimming.

Similar to the rectangular pools are the oval ones. The softer curves make them unique and beautiful. Besides, this is the appropriate pool shape for people who have kids in their houses. The smooth boundary keeps the young swimmers safe. 

Freeform pool shape is suitable for adjusting the size and shape of any backyard. It allows implementing creativity. Moreover, it looks quite like natural forms of rivers or lakes. This kind of pool also seems relaxing and gorgeous. 

Budget Constraints

Keep the budget in mind when matching the shape and size of your pool with the yard. The perfect balance between the money aspect and the design of the pool is highly necessary. This is because certain shapes are more cost-effective than others. The rectangular pool shape is a good example. It does not require a lot of effort from the builders, hence, is less pricy. 

Besides, custom-shaped pools require more money for installation. This is because you are going for a unique design. You are adding additional features for their aesthetic appeal. If your saving is not up to their standards, move to other types of pools. Besides, the cost also depends on the pool size and materials.

It is best to set the budget in the beginning. A smaller pool size is fine for a tight budget. Nevertheless, otherwise, feel free to opt for intricate designs.  

Contact Professional Pool Builders

Contact pool experts before you get your new swimming pool. The professionals like Swim Box UAE offer various shapes to conveniently install in your yard. Moreover, they have experience and can give appropriate suggestions. This process is timesaving, particularly when you are new to swimming pool. Calling experts can save you from researching what pool can look good in your house. 

For instance, reliable constructors can tell whether container swimming pools are feasible or not. Moreover, they are aware of the latest trends. Their familiarity with modern or classic designs can let you examine various opportunities. 

In case you have gone through the services of Swim Box, contact us anytime. We have a form on the contact page of our official website. Alternatively, you can send your pool queries to us via email. To visit, please check out our working hours. 


How to choose the right pool shape and size that suits your backyard? Simply put, you should gather certain data first, such as determining the size of the yard. Think how much area you desire for your swimming pool. In our opinion, leave some space for pool features or other amenities. This is best for entertaining the crowds.

Furthermore, ponder on your intentions and how you are going to use your pool. This will help to pick the right pool shape or type. For example, for laps, there are lap pools that are long. Also, there are a variety of shapes, such as rectangle and oval. If you are into unique designs, go for freeform pools. They will look quite natural.

Also, set a budget beforehand and see whether it is okay with your chosen shape or size of your pool. Value the suggestions of pool experts like us. This is because they are professionals and know a lot more about swimming pools than you.