How to Save Extra Costs Of Pool Maintenance Services

How to Save Extra Costs Of Pool Maintenance Services

If you have a swimming pool in Dubai, you know how expensive it can be to maintain it! However, with a little bit of care, some upgrades, and consistency in cleaning, bring down the expenses when it is time for pool maintenance services in Dubai. Of course, this does not mean that you evade a professional upkeep service and try to DIY every aspect. A few changes here and there are enough for you to save extra costs of pool maintenance services!

How to Minimize Pool Maintenance Costs

Want to save extra costs of pool maintenance services? You’ve got to pay attention to these factors:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Innovative Equipment

All it takes for you to make some small changes and adopt practical pool upkeep habits. It’s surprising how much you lower pool maintenance costs in the long run. So, before you dive into your pool, how about diving into the specifics of saving pool maintenance costs?

– Remove Leaves & Stuff Every Day

One of the easiest tips for reducing pool maintenance costs: clean up daily, not just weekly or monthly. And no worries about the effort—as it’s pretty easy to get rid of dead leaves, bugs, and similar stuff in your pool.

Don’t wait for these to sink in and go out of sight! Take a few minutes out of your day, grab a pool net and skim the water surface. Leaves and other trash ruin the beauty of your pool. These may also end up in your filter and other equipment, causing jams. Dead leaves and bugs in your pool also promote algae growth—and you don’t want that!

By taking on cleaning on a daily basis—even a couple or so times a week might work—you avoid hefty maintenance costs down the line. Aside from picking the trash, take other measures such as trimming any plants surrounding your pool. This minimizes the accumulation of leaves and bugs in your pool. Plus, you’ll be done with daily cleaning much, much faster!

– Add a Swimming Pool Cover

If you don’t already have a cover over your swimming pool, adding one is a step up—not only in the cost-saving direction but also in terms of enjoying swimming. A top-notch cover will also keep your pool from heating up during summers and help with heat retention during winter.

As far as expenses go, since a pool cover helps keep the water clean, there’s less buildup on equipment. You won’t need to go for repairs and replacements as often, just simple, hassle-free maintenance. If you use your pool a lot throughout the day, you don’t have to close it between intervals. But, you do have a cover conveniently present if there’s dusty wind, cold climate, and so on.

– Balance the pH Levels Frequently

Maintaining the chemical balance of your pool water is crucial. This aspect of pool maintenance is not just for safety but also to save extra costs of pool maintenance services. Keep an eye on alkalinity levels—which if not at a perfect figure, can make using the pool unsuitable.

Proper measurements of pool acidity-alkalinity levels are imperative to add the right amount of chemicals in the water. Don’t forget, swimming pool chemicals don’t come cheap. Additionally, pH balance is also necessary to maintain the pool’s structural integrity and the soundness of all pool plumbing and cleaning features.

Check Chlorine & Phosphate Remover Addition

Hot and humid weather promotes the growth of questionable substances all around your home. Proper cleaning and maintenance is the solution to this problem—and swimming pools are no exception. One of the pool maintenance services to get before summer is getting your pool chemicals right.

The safe and correct addition of chlorine, phosphate remover (algaecide), calcium, clarifier, and other chemicals plays a role in the difference between having a huge pool maintenance expense to deal with, and a pleasantly affordable one.

If you are unsure about the correct formulations of chemicals to add to your pool according to its size, water quality, and other features, then turn to the pros. Most pool maintenance companies follow a formula for pool chemicals. You need to get the right formula of pool maintenance chemicals in to avoid overpaying and to re-doing the process.

Avoid Running Pool Filter During The Day

One of the significant tips to help you save money on pool maintenance is to be very attentive to the pool’s filtration system. When you run your pool’s filter for a fewer hours—ideally at night—you deal with cleaning less frequently. You also do not need to replace any worn-down parts often, since your pool’s filter does not do any excessive work.

Best of all, by running the pool filter at night, you cut down energy costs while keeping your pool clean. Using the swimming pool filter 24 hours a day is a serious waste of energy. When talking about a domestic pool, 24/7 filtering can over-clean the pool, which can cause more problems. Running your pool filter during the daytime will help you save extra costs for pool maintenance services.

Invest In A Variable Speed Pump

One of the most ideal upgrades you can make to your swimming pool is replacing your standard pool pump with an energy-efficient one. Unlike a regular pump that operates at a fixed speed, the variable-speed pump adjusts its speed to optimize filtration. This way, it minimizes energy consumption.

By making this investment, you can save a considerable sum of money by reducing electric bills. Operate it during off-peak hours, typically at night, and reduce your energy consumption—and bills. Plus, you may even be eligible for an energy rebate if applicable. A good variable speed pump may seem like a considerable expense at first, but it pays off for years to come.

– Choose Cost-Friendly Repair Options

In addition to cleaning and proper equipment installation and use, one of the other ways to lower pool maintenance costs is by considering affordable repairs. With time, your pool may face various issues due to wear and tear. Choosing quality repair and replacement options but values ones in terms of saving money down the line.

A good example of a repair issue is cracked or broken tiles. Now you can drain your pool and then go for standard tile repair. Or, you can choose underwater tiles repair. Draining the pool and filling back up and (along with adding chemicals)—this racks up your total cost. On the other hand, one of the many benefits of underwater pool tile repairs is that you don’t waste water or money to empty and fill the pool.

For Affordable & Quality Pool Maintenance Services, Turn to Swimbox

Constant swimming pool cleaning and upkeep may not be not possible for you due to work. Huge commitment, lack of time, or too much effort, rely on a swimming pool maintenance service.

At SwimBox we provide pool upkeep services that cost you much, much less in the long run.. You can use the money you save for pool upgrades or improve the look of another outdoor feature. Reach out to us today and look forward to high-quality, cost-effective services.