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Is It Safe to Bury a Container Pool

Is It Safe to Bury a Container Swimming Pool?

Going for a contemporary or peculiar idea to stylize your house, particularly the pool area, has its own perks. However, you should obtain enough information to determine whether your efforts are worth it or not. Container swimming pools in Dubai and elsewhere have gained fame. But can you actually bury them? Let’s see what you will learn today.

Introducing Container Swimming Pools

Also widely known as shipping container pools, they are simply the transformation of shipping containers into swimming pools. This one feature makes them different from other kinds, like traditional pools. Container pools comprise durable interiors and are self-supporting. They can carry around more than 8 thousand gallons of water (standard measurement).

Moreover, the durability is usually because of the use of steel. The latter helps to keep the pool intact and lock water. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, try container pools. Besides, as told earlier, they are able to hold a larger quantity of water.

However, these pools might not seem appealing to a few people. They will give a look of a large box placed in your backyard. Nevertheless, you can work on their exterior. Also, because of the material, container pools can face rusting over time. Therefore, regular inspections are necessary. 

Some more features include quick installation, portability, and customization. But can you bury a shipping container swimming pool?

Is It Safe to Bury a Container Pool? Yes!

The Process

Burying this pool means forming an in-ground container swimming pool. You already know the answer to ‘can you bury a shipping container swimming pool? Well, now find out how the process goes.

First, hire someone who is an expert. Messing your backyard or other areas of your beautiful house is not an apt choice. The professionals like us will guide you through the process with affordability and vast practical experience. Once you discover a reliable option, think about where to install the container pool. Pick a place for adequate depth and length.

Reinforcing the pool is important as well to avoid the issues in the future. This means to strengthen it and ensure its stability. You can consider a waterproof membrane for the inside so that water refrains from leaking and damaging the walls. Moreover, reflect on adding a foundation to prevent corrosion, evenly distribute the weight, and help drainage. 

Other work, such as the installation of lighting and filtration, can refine the pool’s functionality.  Besides, the answer to the question ‘can you bury a shipping container swimming pool?’ also points out safety measures and carefulness. For instance, adding support to the design is vital to install container pools. Otherwise, it is not safe. 

Also, the in-ground pools last longer, particularly the concrete pools. With efficient at-home or professional swimming pool maintenance, the number of years can increase. However, container ones do not have this much longevity. Besides, we are not sure what the estimated years of in-ground container pool lifespan are. 

The Benefits

The response is obviously positive to ‘is it safe to bury a container pool?’, maybe because of the benefits that this kind of pool offers. For instance, in-ground container pools look very much like conventional pools. Because of their burying feature, the similarity is visible. If you do the comparison via images on the internet, it is hard to notice the differences.

Therefore, if you like the idea of a cost-effective in-ground pool, then consider installing a container. Moreover, you can put some effort into making it even more similar to the traditional ones. For instance, as stated before, the installation of lights and adding vinyl liners can exhibit exceptional aesthetic appeal. 

Such pools are mainly rectangular. Therefore, they are perfect for practicing laps and doing certain sorts of water exercises. Also, they are kid-friendly. Trust your creative instincts to make changes in order to let your kids play in the water. Furthermore, if you have not buried the pool yet, make use of the alternative option, which is an above-ground pool.

Ordering Container Pools from Swim Box UAE

Is it okay to trust our pool maintenance services Dubai? Or are we one of the best container pool providers in town? Well, call us and find out! We have the experts and have adequate experience to effectively turn your place into something wonderful.

Check out our website to see what services are currently protruding. Going through the details on our website can provide clarity and help you out in picking the right pool services. Moreover, we not only make your place more enjoyable but also keep in mind the demands of the safety of the environment. Therefore, Swim Box is perfect for eco-friendly swimming pools.

Furthermore, overcharging is not our work ethic. We are transparent in terms of prices, timing, and services. Hence, you can fully rely on our experts to do the installation and repair job skillfully. 


Container swimming pools or shipping container pools are portable and have become well-famed choices for many. They are available at reduced prices. Moreover, they encompass steel, which adds to their durability. However, the steel can result in rusting, requiring additional maintenance to keep your container pool in a fine condition.

Is it safe to bury a container pool? Yes, nonetheless, requires carefulness. You can pick your favorite spot in your house to bury the pool. Call the professionals like Swim Box UAE to offer consultancy and installation. These experts are pertinent for necessary maintenance or repair tasks. Also, go for additives like waterproof membranes to protect the walls.

Besides, you have the freedom to make the in-ground container pools more beautiful and luxurious. They add depth and comprise length to offer space for laps or other exercises. However, never neglect the idea of adding support for the safety of these pools. Despite being more cost-effective than traditional pools, the container pools are not as long-lasting as the latter. Particularly, when the material is concrete, the inground pools can last for more than 50 years. Take good care of any kind of swimming pool and value its maintenance by contacting our team.