Pool Maintenance Services to Get Before Summer Season

Pool Maintenance Services to Get Before Summer Season

Certain regions of the world have already said goodbyes to the winter season. They are relishing spring now, and soon, the blazing days will arrive. As most people refrain from using pools in the chilly season, it is time to make them ready for effective use. Hence, prior to contacting professionals like us for pool maintenance services in Dubai, explore the useful tips below.

Essential Pool Maintenance Services for Summer

Thoroughly Clean Your Pool

Winter usually lasts for months. During this time, you have kept the swimming pool idle. Therefore, the presence of debris and other unwanted substances in its water is obvious. One of the summer pool maintenance services includes a good cleaning of the pool. This is apt to prepare it for frequent use. For this purpose, consider cleaning the pool thoroughly.

First, look for any kind of buildups, particularly on the tiles. Walls and floors might require scrubbing. Hence, buy a quality pool brush or scrubber to remove the amassed substances. You will find plenty of pool cleaning chemicals on the market. Moreover, if the discoloration of the tiles is still not treatable, think about replacing them. 

Another option is vacuuming the pool. There are tools particularly built for this purpose. Therefore, avail of such products to give a spotless touch to your precious area.

Safely Store the Pool Cover

It is a great idea to utilize pool covers in winter, or for times when you are not using the pool. However, for implementing the summer pool maintenance services, you have to remove, clean and store the cover. Check whether or not there is water on the cover. Moreover, look for debris as well. The complete cleaning of the cover is essential to keep its quality intact.

This aspect seems helpful for future use of the cover. After all, not all of you can buy a new pool cover every time you need one. Also, consider storing it safely. The cool and dry place is perfect for storage. This is because the dampness can disrupt the quality of its material. The humidity can result in discoloration and other sorts of damage. The areas in your house like closets are suitable for storing pool covers. 

Test the Pool Equipment

Equipment like filters and pumps also require preparation. They have been turned off since the arrival of cold days. Hence, for summer pool maintenance services, you need a clean filter for the fresh season. This is necessary when you have not thought of the clean filter at the end of the last swimming pool period. 

For this matter, you can perform certain steps. For instance, inspect the grids for cracks, change the sand if you have a sand filter, examine the sealing of o-rings, and check the working condition of the filter gauge. Besides, you should re-install the plugs. Like, re-install the drain plugs by replacing the winterizing ones. 

Also, you should turn on the pool equipment to make sure everything is operating fine. Do not forget to scrutinize the equipment area alongside its components for leaks. 

Prepare the Pool Water

Among the pool maintenance services before summer season is the preparation of pool water. It is highly significant to keep the pool water healthy. Therefore, consider maintaining the proper balance of this water. Try owning pool test kits; for example, you can have digital testers or test strips. Besides, check the levels of alkalinity, pH and calcium.

Another tip to make your pool ready for summer is shocking the pool water. It means you have to add a high dose of chlorine to the water in order to clean it from bacteria or algae. As we mentioned earlier, you should scrub the walls to remove the buildup first. 

Moreover, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Do not start swimming right after this process. Look for the recommended time period to wait. Also, it is crucial to determine tips for preventing the pools from heating up in summer.

Set Maintenance Schedule

Trying to fix things later may require more effort. Therefore, instead of looking for solutions afterwards, you can set the schedule before the arrival of hot weather. Note down the points we illustrated before and investigate for further information on weekly or monthly maintenance. Ponder on the estimated times you are going to use your pool.

Besides, show consistency in pool maintenance services for summer. Set a routine and follow it; however, make alterations in case your efforts or chemicals are not working properly. Also, ponder your swimming habits to figure out the best time for daily pool maintenance. 

Call the Experts

For pool maintenance services before summer season, it is best to consult the experts. This is particularly beneficial when you are new to this maintaining job or have just installed a swimming pool in your house. The professionals have the right skills to help you set a schedule or even perform maintenance tasks.

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Pool maintenance services for summer are vital to note down beforehand. Preparing your pool can give you an enjoyable and healthy swimming experience during the start of the season. Moreover, there are a few important tips like thoroughly cleaning your pool and making sure it is free of debris.

Also, make your pool water ready and consider the shocking process for removing bacteria. Check the equipment like filters to ensure they are all fine to operate during the approaching days. If you are a frequent swimmer, you should store the pool cover safely, in a cool and dry place. Besides, always set a schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly swimming pool maintenance.