Swim Box Products

Swim Box is not just a company that creates swimming pools out of shipping containers. We create precisely customised pools for your use case, as per your imagination and aesthetic.
We are a team of experienced and skilled individuals who manufacture all other varieties of pools along with Swim Boxes. Listed below are the different type of pools we manufacture. Contact us to make your pool dreams a reality.

Swim Boxes

Customised swimming pools made out of shipping containers
What if we told you there is an alternative option to your traditional in-ground, concrete swimming pool; that has the same features but is ten times more interesting? Swim Box LLC is the sole manufacturer and dealer of shipping container pools — pools that are unique and versatile.

A big problem for many people who want a pool is money, the second is underground building restrictions. This means that people are left with the option of buying plastic pools from shops.

The biggest advantage of a Swim Box is that it costs significantly less than an inbuilt swimming pool. It can be built above, fully or partially in-ground, that too with clear glass windows. Moreover, these can be modified to have built-in steps, deck area and water filtration system. Swim Box is portable.

Container Swimming Pools

Steel Pools

Steel Swimming Pools are high quality and durable fabricated swimming pool that are widely admired for its strength and modular design. They are designed for the commercial purpose largely. They can be effortlessly assembled by following simple installation procedures. Owing to its ability to endure extreme compression, UV radiation, and various such detrimental conditions, this pool does not lose its quality for the many years. With the help of cutting-edge techniques and equipment, we can produce these Steel Swimming Pools, and meet the high expectations of our clients.

Concrete Pools

When being used to build a pool, the concrete arrives ready mixed with water, and is poured into the pre-formed space to create your pool. With it being pre-mixed, you can usually be pretty sure that it’s the right consistency when it comes to applying it, and once it’s been applied, it does generally give you a strong and uniform coating. It’s also generally fairly quick to apply and usually gives a smoother finish.

Liner Pools

This pool begins with a series of metal or polymer wall panels. Once erected, they outline the pool’s shape. The panels surround a base material that covers the earth and forms a floor. Typically, this material is sand or a grout-cement mix.This pool begins with a series of metal or polymer wall panels. Once erected, they outline the pool’s shape. Finally, since the wall panels are not waterproof, a liner is needed to retain water in the pool. Installers hang a colorful, patterned vinyl sheet from the walls—thus the name “vinyl pool” or “liner pool.” The basic line-up includes a pump, filter, and lights, as well as the requisite plumbing and related components, such as a skimmer.

Fiberglass Pools

The main structure of a fiberglass pool is a single one-piece structure (the pool shell) made entirely of fiberglass material.Fiberglass pool shells are “built” in factory conditions, so pool buyers generally don’t get to see their pool come together before the shell arrives at their home for installation.Fiberglass pools are constructed on molds, which does limit the range of shapes and sizes available for your pool project to whatever molds your manufacturer uses.

Pool Decks

When comparing your pool decking options, it is important to consider the materials you want in your design. Decorative concrete can provide many of the looks you like, but in a cost-effective way. Plus, it combines design flexibility and beauty with strength and durability. We put concrete to the test in a face-off against some tough competition, including natural stone, pavers, brick and tile. Although all these materials have their pros and cons, we believe concrete is the clear winner in the following categories.
SwimBox Pool Deck