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The Rise of Container Swimming Pools

The Rise of Container Swimming Pools: Affordable Luxury for Your Backyard

Swimming pools are one of the ultimate symbols of luxury in any house in the UAE and not to mention a ton of fun. See an aesthetically pleasing swimming pool and you automatically associate its owner with good taste and an exquisite lifestyle.

As amazing as swimming pools are, the numbers of total cost of one are also quite amazing. Luckily, if you would love to have a pool in your yard at a fraction of that expense, you CAN get one!

The solution is simple: container swimming pools in Dubai. These are what the name implies—that is, shipping containers turned into swimming pools.

Why The Rise Of Container Swimming Pools?

These unconventional yet fun swimming pools have become quite popular over the past few years. In fact, shipping containers are now popular for more than just pools. The robustness of the metal and the eco-friendly aspects of containers mean that people have taken an interest in their potential for home and commercial building purposes. Today, you will find shipping container homes, cafes and diners, storage areas, even playground structures, and more.

As for shipping container pools, they are a truly remarkable idea. These are a less-expensive alternative to traditional pools that come in various sizes, and you can even add custom features. However, for a pool that fits your needs and is within your budget, you need to know how container pools work and which one to choose.

Let’s get started—are you ready to jump on the bandwagon with the rise of container swimming pools? First up, how do to order one for your yard?

shipping container swimming pool

Ordering A Container Pool

Here’s a brief guide on shipping container pools . Container pools are crafted out of used shipping containers. Given the abundance of imports and exports in the UAE, the rise of container swimming pools is unsurprising. Container pool manufacturers can easily get their hands on these. The stress-free availability is also one of the reasons why container pools are budget-friendly, which we’ll discuss further on.

Container pool technicians cut these containers according to customers’ preferences. Therefore, you start an order for a container pool by specifying the dimensions. The length and width of container pools are not typically customizable, and you get the choice of length between 20ft, 40ft, and so on. The depth of the pool can be custom; container pool engineers cut down the height of the container according to the customer’s specifications.

Next is the process to make the pool stronger and hard-wearing against exposure. This process involves lining the container walls with concrete, then adding a weather-resistant epoxy coating both inside and outside the pool. If you need any custom features such as windows, this is done beforehand. Any plumbing installations and filtration systems come next.

The final setup is done once the pool comes to you, but the pool experts do the basic prep prior to shifting the pool. You know what that means—no messes in your yard! The container pool comes to you for a quick setup and is ready to use!

What Features Can I Add To My Container Pool?

In addition to windows, you can opt for a number of add-ons to your shipping container pool. You can also add some of these later from pool maintenance services. Remember, these additions will increase your total costs, so get an upfront quote for the expenses to

  • Custom color for the pool (interior and exterior)
  • Lightning features inside and outside the pool
  • Advanced filtrations systems
  • Small or large decks with ladders/stairs
  • Hot tub within the pool (this is separated using a custom divider)
  • Shallow area within the container pool for kids

Certain customizations will also increase the time it takes to set up your pool, such as lightning. Your pool’s electrician will have to set up and test the lights at the time of pool installation. Likewise, if you need a deck, setting one up may take a day or more.

Advantages Of A Shipping Container Pool

Now that you know the process of creating a shipping container pool, here are some reasons why this is an ideal option. There are various reasons for the rise of container swimming pools, the topmost perks of this awesome invention including:

1.      No hefty costs for installation and maintenance

The key argument in container pools vs. traditional pools is that the latter is quite expensive. Even a small pool will create a nice figure when you get a quote. In comparison, container pools are budget-friendly.

Shipping containers are widely available and even the strongest ones don’t cost a ton of money. Hence, container pool manufacturers can offer you a reasonable quote. The labor cost for basic pool work and customizations is low in comparison to the cost of work that goes into a traditional swimming pool.

And finally, given the easy accessibility of above-ground container pools, maintaining one is also easier on your pocket!

2.      Above-the-ground or sunk-in – install as you prefer

Do you want a shipping container pool but prefer it as a sunk-in pool? One of the benefits of container swimming pools is that you can do what you please!

Ask your pool manufacturers what you need, and they can provide the services needed to sink in a container pool. Like regular pools, you need a nice, dug-up space for the container pool. The ground is also prepped and a retainer wall is installed (so that the soil does not affect your pool). A special crane lifts the pool and sinks it into the ground.

Note: a sunk-in container pool will cost you more than a surface pool, given the extensive process. If you prefer keeping your expenses low and don’t have any HOA guidelines to worry about, stick to keeping your container pool above the ground.

3.      Quick and hassle-free setup and upkeep

Pool manufacturers do most of the work for planning and creating a container pool before the pool comes to you. Go with the rise of container swimming pools and avoid days to weeks of a messy yard and technicians going in and out of your space.

Your container pool team will use a moving truck to shift it to your property. They operate a crane to lift and place the pool where you need it. Final installation for plumbing and filtration systems, decks, lightning, and any other features happen on the spot and the engineers test these for seamless running.

4.      An ethical choice for the environment-conscious

The world is in dire need of sustainable solutions for anything and everything. The global waste quantity is rising at an alarming speed and there are side effects each and every one of us suffers from. Shipping container pools are an ethical choice. Why?

In lieu of breaking down the metal in containers to scraps, some used, some discarded, the whole thing is re-utilized. The metal that makes up shipping containers (primarily corten steel) is robust enough to last for more than 20 years if properly safeguarded using concrete and epoxy when building a pool. Hence, when you buy a shipping container pool , you get a great product and do great service to your environment!

5.      Suited to any exterior space with customizations

No matter the style of your exterior—traditional or contemporary—there is a container pool for you! With the advantage of interior and exterior color, mood lighting, deck installations, planting greenery around the pool, and so much more, you can personalize your pool to fit the overall exterior aesthetic.

In short, a container pool lives up to the hype! It’s a superb addition to your yard and provides you with all the joy of a traditional swimming pool—but with fewer expenses. Whether you need a pool for swimming practice or some good ol’ summertime fun in the sun—go for a container pool!

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