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Top 10 Swimming Pool Equipment Every Pool Owner Should Have

One of the most common questions we get asked from buyers as the leading producers of container swimming pools in Dubai is this: what swimming pool equipment and accessories should I own?

Since pool hygiene and upkeep is at the heart of a great swimming experience in your pool, you need the best equipment. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the experts in all things swimming pools. We have put together a list of essential swimming pool equipment to buy—ideally as soon as your pool has been installed.

Swimming Pool Equipment: Everything You Need For Hygiene & Safety

Here is an expert-approved list of the top swimming pool equipment you need.

1.     Steps & Ladders

First things first, there should be a safe way to enter the pool rather than just jumping off the edge. With the presence of steps or ladders, you can ensure that swimmers enter the water safely.

Steps and ladders can be added to both regular pools and shipping container pools. In fact, one of the many benefits of container swimming pools is that there is minimal chance of a slip and fall (for a pool that’s above the ground) since you climb in than getting off an edge.

Bonus: While you’re getting ladders and other swimming pool equipment installed for entering the pool, go for safety rails all around the pool. Placed a foot or two from the top of the pool, these rails are perfect for beginners when leveling up to deeper waters.

2.     Self-Latching Pool Cover

A traditional pool cover is a piece of swimming pool equipment that may be quite the hassle to use if you’re handling the whole thing by hand—especially over a large pool. You’re tempted to leave the pool open if the pool is in regular use.

Or you may forget to cover the pool and going back for it may seem like quite a chore.

However, one of the top tips to swimming pool repair is to avoid impurities from getting into the pool and inside different equipment to avoid frequent repairs.

Enter: a self-latching pool cover. Opened and shut automatically, it’s hassle-free. It takes a flip of a switch to protect your pool from contaminants, which means it also helps minimize the need for frequent pool deep cleaning.

3.     Lightening Features

Go for high-quality LED lights when you are installing your regular or container swimming pool. Due to the rise of container swimming pools, you can now find a variety of lights that are perfect for installing on metal container walls.

Adding pool lights can be an exciting aspect of owning a pool; you can go for any colors, even display lights that turn the water surface into a work of art. Not only will this swimming pool equipment make the pool much, much safer to use, but also create an awesome environment during your next summer BBQ or pool party!

4.     Pool Broom & Net

Leaves from the yard, pool toys, a slipped-off smart watch or piece of jewelry, swimming goggles, and more—there are various objects that can enter your pool. Another set of swimming pool equipment you need is a long net and a broom. These are beneficial because:

  • Avoid the effort and risk of diving in to find and recover any lost personal items. An adjustable long-handle net is not just swimming pool equipment, it’s a savior.
  • Evade direct handling of any external contaminations like dead leaves, bugs, or trash. Your pool broom and net can help you get anything out without direct contact.
  • Fine mesh nets and bristles in these pieces of swimming pool equipment can catch small objects and particles.

5.     Chemical Floater

Chlorine and other chemicals are added to pools to prevent insects from getting in and eliminating microbes that enter from outside or from swimmers. The smartest way to add chemicals to your pool is by using a chemical floater, affordable and easy-to-use swimming pool equipment.

The floater is one of the most convenient and time-saving swimming pool accessories. It goes around the pool, meticulously dispersing sanitization and disinfectant chemicals. Get a chemical floater to ensure that each and every corner of your pool contains sufficient substances to keep the swimmers safe.

6.     Pool Vacuum Cleaner

For satisfying pool deep cleaning, what’s more thorough than a pool vacuum cleaner? Though quite an investment, this important pool equipment is great for pool safety as well as pool longevity.

A pool vacuum cleaner can get to the contaminants even the finest pool brushes and mops and other manual swimming pool equipment won’t. For example, algae that build up along the pool walls and floor may not budge with regular cleaning equipment. A pool vacuum cleaner gets rid of the most stubborn build-ups and residue. 

If you don’t want to or can’t get your pool vacuum cleaner, make sure to schedule pool maintenance services for safe swimming!

7.     Filter Cartridge Cleaner

When it comes to essential swimming pool equipment, a filter cleaner is a must. Over time, your pool filter gets super clogged due to the dirt, debris, and other particles that get caught. A pool filter cleaner is a crucial swimming pool equipment to keep the filter clean—thus keeping the pool debris free—as well as help avoid various filter troubles.

Effective filter cleaners can break down grime, but to get rid of all the buildup to a granular level, you may need the help of experts. For meticulous filter cleanup, especially if your pool has not been maintained for some time, go for expert swimming pool maintenance services

8.     Electric Drain Pump

An electric drain pump is a crucial piece of swimming pool equipment to install to ensure hygiene. It keeps the water free from major small and large contaminants as it circulates in and out of the pool.

Go for this swimming pool equipment for pool owners when you install your pool—and that goes for both in-ground or container swimming pools.

When the water runs through the pump, the particles are caught and emptied in the filter sump (also known as the skimmer basket). The filter connects to a pool pump. You need to run the drain pump for at least 3-4 hours every day if your pool is regularly used.

9.     Intruder Alert Alarm

When selecting pool accessories, don’t forget to add an intruder alarm to the list! For personal safety and the safety of your belongings and property, you need to ensure

After all, an alarm is that equipment you would not miss adding to your house’s front and back entrance, would you? For optimal safety, you need alarms out of doors too, and a pool is no exception.

A simple swimming pool equipment for pool owners is an infrared motion detector. Place this at the pool’s perimeter, and connect to your home security to stay informed of any unexpected movement near the pool.

10.  Rescue Accessories

No swimming pool equipment list is complete without rescue accessories. Every pool needs:

  • Life jackets and tubes
  • A fully-equipped first-aid kit
  • Spine board (to safely carry off any injured swimmers)
  • Life hook (an essential item for the safety of any beginner or injured swimmers) 

Don’t forget to add these items to your cart when you shop for swimming pool accessories. Having a perfect pool is an awesome experience indeed, so why not make it safe too?

Make sure to get rescue accessories for both regular and container swimming pools (read this Guide on Shipping Container Pool).

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If you need any more information about swimming pool equipment or need to hire experts to put these to correct use for optimal pool hygiene, safety, and fun—reach out to SwimBox today!