Types Of Pool Filters To Know Before You Build A Pool

Types Of Pool Filters To Know Before You Build A Pool

When it comes to pool building, a handful of factors you consider are the size, color, whether or not it will have a diving board, and so on. Rarely do people think about filtration systems and other pool maintenance services before they hire a pool construction crew.

The fact is that you can only enjoy your pool if it’s clean—and regularly. That’s where a filter comes in, more specifically one that is suitable for the pool. The compatible pool filter will not only make sure your pool is free of dust and debris, but it’s also hassle-free for you to clean the filter itself.

Let’s dive into the various types of pool filters, the one that’s for the kind of pool envision, and learn about the best way to keep them primed so that you get maximum enjoyment out of your pool!

Main Types Of Filters For Swimming Pools

There are three different types of pool filters available for your pool. These are Sand Filters, Cartridge Filters, and Diatomaceous Earth Filters (otherwise commonly known as D.E. filters). When it comes to swimming pool filters, the size (of your pool) is the topmost factor. You need to pick out the right-sized filter, and you can seek guidance from your pool builders if you’re unsure about the appropriate filter size.

Moving on to the filter sizes, here’s a brief look at the types of pool filters you’ll browse:

1.      Sand Filter

Sand filters, as the name suggests, use sand as a filter. The layer of sand particles traps the debris and prevents it from infiltrating your pool. These types of pool filters are quite popular in large tank swimming pools as they require minimal maintenance. All that’s necessary is a backwash that gets rid of the dirt stuck in the filter.

However, you should stick to frequent backwashing; without at-home or professional pool maintenance, the sand that the filter traps act as a barrier. Experts recommend that you replace the sand in these filters approximately every 7 years.

In comparison to other types of pool filters, sand filters excel in filtering smaller micron-sized particles. Microns are equivalent to 1 millionth of a cubic meter—essentially meaning that filters this size can trap very minute particles!

While every type of pool filter aims to eliminate particles from the water, sand filters are incredibly efficient being ones capable of filtering to the smallest micron. Sand is a great natural filter for water, and you can rely on a sand filter to clean a pool that accumulates lots of dirt and debris.

However, it’s also necessary that to go for a higher capacity if you choose a large capacity during swimming pool construction. Otherwise, you may face ineffective working, frequent need for maintenance, and risk of damage.

To determine if it’s time to clean your sand filter, you need to check the pressure gauge. You need to conduct a filter backwash—i.e. clean out the trapped particles—once the pressure rises by 8-10 psi. If you’re unsure about how to clean your filter, pool maintenance services can help out.

2.      Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters feature a mechanism that involves pushing swimming pool water through a polyester cloth material. The cloth effectively captures dirt and debris, while now-cleaned pool water passes through freely. These filters are usually popular for small swimming pools and above-ground pools—i.e. container swimming pools.

There are two reasons why a cartridge filter is ideal for your pool if you choose a smaller size tank. One, it’s affordable, much more so than sand filters. Getting a smaller pool because you’re working with a limited budget? You may want to keep pool maintenance quicker simpler, and cost-effective.

The second reason to buy a cartridge filter for a small pool is that it suits a small pool’s water quantity and pressure.  That said, since a cartridge filter is not as effective as a sand filter—filtering particles up to an average of 25 microns—do not choose it for a large pool.

Also, like with sand filters, cartridge filter cleaning is necessary to maintain their efficiency. You should be aware that your pool may become cloudy due to the cartridge filter’s imitations in trapping the smallest particles. However, a clarifier can be effective in coagulating these particles, which is when your cartridge filter will trap them successfully.

3.      Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter

DE filters work pretty much like sand filters, as both types of pool filters involve the water passing through a mesh filter coated with a powder-form material. This powder captures any debris present in the water.

In the case of DE filters, Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) is present in the filter instead of sand. DE is a substance that consists of the mined fossilized remains of microscopic shells produced by single-celled plants ‘diatoms’. While sand filters are much more common, DE filters are much more efficient—but also much pricier.

Super-filtration is the reason why other than swimming pool filters, DE is a well-known filter medium in the food industry. If you can afford a DE filter, this may be the best of the three filters for swimming pools. However, it is maintenance determines the effectiveness of your DE filter along with regular pool maintenance in Dubai due to a dusty environment. Make sure to address the task when the pressure gauge rises by 8-10 psi above the normal range.

The Takeaway: Which Filter Is The Best?

It comes down to your pool’s size and your budget. At the basic level, having a well-functioning filtration system is essential for sanitary water in your pool. If you fail to keep up with maintaining any kind of filtration system, your swimming pool’s water can quickly become dirty and potentially hazardous.

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