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Ultimate Guide On Shipping Container Pool

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Owning a swimming pool is the dream of many living in the hot, humid climate of the UAE. A swimming pool is not only a practical addition to beat the heat but also an upgrade in terms of visual appeal. Introducing a traditional swimming pool may be tricky—given the time and expense. A superb alternative is shipping container pools.

As with any major installation in an outdoor space, shipping container pools also require some planning. Therefore, if want to have this type of pool installed, choose a reputable manufacturer of container swimming pools in Dubai. These pools use re-purposed shipping containers and customized according to your needs. They can easily fit into your yard or garden—providing the same fun and a lot of cool accessibility advantages!

This guide on shipping container pool will help you seamlessly add your perfect container pool!

Container Pools Vs Regular Pool

Before we head into the process and the many benefits part of the guide on shipping container pool, let’s evaluate what makes these different than regular swimming pools.

The process of a swimming pool installation is pretty standard. It involves digging up the ground according to the dimensions of the pool. The engineers prep the ground and add plumbing features. Finally comes lining (tiling) the pool and adding features like bars, ladders, diving boards, and more. 

Installing a container pool involves a lot of the same steps. Only, you usually skip the ground prep and the whole thing takes less time to set up. Since container pools come ready-made, all that is left is to set it up. Note that if you choose to sink your container pool, it’s going to need groundwork unlike usual above-the-ground container pools (we’ll discuss this further). Another major difference between traditional and container swimming pools is longevity. A regular swimming pool is usable for 10-25 years. This depends on the frequency of pool maintenance services, the kind of ground it is on, weather conditions, and a few other factors. On the other hand, container pools may last up to 25 years. However, the construction, weather-proofing features, and other aspects of making should be top-notch.

Making, Installation & Set-up

Choosing the right experts in container pools is vital. Which is why you should be well aware of the “making” process in this guide on shipping container pool. Like all pools, container pools too must fulfill certain safety standards.

  • For starters, there is a minimum and maximum pool dimension limit—and this depends from maker to maker. Ask the manufacturer how small a pool they can create if you need something compact.
  • Next, the material used in containers is corten steel. The container then becomes a swimming pool after being the manufacturers use concrete and other materials to reinforce it. Since we’re talking recycling here, the container must be in adequate condition for a pool.
  • The engineers of container pools conduct safety and quality checks both before and after the manufacturing. They ensure that your pool is compliant with water loads and other weights it will hold so that the pool walls endure the force.
  • Once the team conducts all safety checks on the base itself, they add any features you need such as a ladder/staircase, decks, etc. These features are fully installed once the pool is delivered.

Your container swimming pools come ready to install! The team that delivers the pool to your place will use a crane to place the pool where you need it. They will secure features like decks and staircases to the ground…and then fill it up with water. And it is good to go!

For Pools To Bury In The Ground

Container pools are usually above-the-ground swimming pools. However,  some people choose to have these sunk in the ground the first time around or at the relocation because it is more convenient. Thus, this option requires some groundwork, the kind you need for a traditional swimming pool. The area where the pool will be sunk is dug up, and the engineers install a retainer wall so that it does not affect the metal of the container. The container is carefully lowered into the prepped space. You may also need a proper boundary on the top.

Advantages Of Shipping Container Pools

This helpful guide on shipping container pool can help you get a basic idea of what goes into building one. But what makes this an increasingly popular option? There are a ton of advantages that shipping container pools. Some of these are the benefits of having a pool itself, like fun, fitness, and aesthetic appeal of outdoor space. But what makes container pools uniquely favorable? Here’s why.

Affordable In-Ground Pool Alternative

Shipping containers are readily available, given that the trade of thousands of used containers occurs frequently in Dubai and the UAE. The easy availability of these adds to the cost-effective advantage.

Unlike other kinds of traditional pools, container pools require less effort and preparation, such as digging the ground (unless you have yours sunk in), tile work, etc. The only charges you pay are the charges for the container, customizations, and service. Tailoring the pool to match your aesthetic will create some expenses, but container pools still stand as an impressively affordable alternative to traditional pools.

Completely Customizable To Your Style

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to settle for a plain container as your new swimming pool. Besides the size, you can ask for other customizations such as color, windows, lights, and more. You can even create a division and dedicate a part of the container as a shallow pool for children.

Plus, you can give your container pool the same look as a traditional pool with decks and staircases. The specialists can tailor it during the making and after it is installed on your property—so don’t hesitate to use your imagination!

Easily Portable

As mentioned before, the placement of a container pool is done using a crane. It arrives via a truck and then is set up where you need it. There are a couple of awesome pros here:

  • First, if you change your mind about the look or convenience related to where your pool is located, you can always shift it to a better spot.
  • Second, in case you relocate, take your pool with you! Instead of constructing a new pool, drain your current pool, plan with the movers, and deliver it to your new home!

Why not leverage the accessibility of a container pool for your home?

Smart Eco-Friendly Initiative

One of the most amazing benefits in this guide on shipping container pool is that container pools are very eco-friendly. These shipping containers may become into metal scraps and add to the rising amount of waste material. Instead these transform into cool and contemporary swimming pools—affordable ones at that!

Additionally, since these pools feature steel, they are very, very robust!

Strong & Durable

There’s a good reason that in many parts of the globe, used containers are a part of home construction! These are strong enough to withstand exposure. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your new container pool is quite durable. Once reinforced with concrete and layered with epoxy for weatherproofing, your container pool is good for the next 20-25 years!

Shopping For A Shipping Container Pool?

Strong, long-lasting, modern container pools, complete with weather protection, state-of-art plumbing and filtration systems, and customizations for visual appeal—that’s Swim Box for you!

Reach out to us today with your requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote!